ISSN 1710-6931 July 9, 2004 Issue 25

Using Music to Help Heal Sierra Leone Youth

After being wracked by a ten-year civil war, the problem of healing in Sierra Leone is challenging. This is especially so for the tens of thousands of children who were caught up in the conflict and are now returning to school, but who feel disillusioned, distracted, and marginalized.

In an effort to meet this challenge RESPECT, in association with the iEARN Sierra Leone, and Peace Pals Education Network (PPEN), have been collaborating with Bryan Berkett of "Jozoor" to find some innovative ways of bringing young Sierra Leonans together.

Mr. Berkett has founded Rappers United by Beating AIDS, a musical project he says gives youth the tools they need to help themselves. He believes by writing and recording music, children in Africa become more engaged with AIDS education than they otherwise would and are more likely to absorb the information. more>>

The Refugees

The package arrived yesterday,
a little dog-eared from a
mission in Uganda.
It contained little bits
of the lives of eight
children of God.

They honored me because
I volunteered to teach them
fragments of a profession that
abandoned me years ago,
and thereby to bring
myself back to life.

There they were,
having escaped the bullets,
sitting on benches in
an arid camp,
barely able to find
these sheets of foolscap,

and fill them with language,
and arouse hopes,
and wait for the reply
of an abandoned man
from a cold place.

© 2004 by Don Schaeffer, Used by permission of the author.

RESPECT Board Meeting Held

RESPECT International had its fifth board meeting on Sunday, June 27th. Board members from outside the Winnipeg area attended online. Each vice president discussed their activities over the last quarter and plans for the next. It was a very productive meeting; below are some things RESPECT plans to accomplish by September, 2004.

  1. RESPECT plans to update its website.
  2. Refugees 101, an online course in refugee awareness, plans to launch its beta-version.
  3. RESPECT handbook should be available online.
  4. RESPECT wants to produce a video to document its work by September, 2005!

Questions, comments, or suggestions can be sent to board members at


"My Canada"
CDs Sent to ACDA

Students at Stevenson Britannia Adult Literacy Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, produced power point presentations entitled "My Canada." The presentations were copied to a CD-ROM and mailed to Northern Uganda's computer resource centre administered by the Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA). The thirteen presentations covered everything from the geography of Canada to politics to provincial flowers.

RESPECT encourages teachers, students, and anyone else interested to consider mailing one or two CD-ROMs including information helpful to this community in Northern Uganda.

The CDs can be mailed to:
Agoro Community Development Association
c/o Kitgum Town Parish
P.O. Box 82

ACDA Joins Online Volunteering Service

The United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV), the volunteer arm of the United Nations has notified the Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA) its application has been accepted and ACDA is published at the Online Volunteering Service.

Tom Obonyo, ACDA, RESPECT Coordinator, stated in an email "Two of the assignments have been published, Education, and HIV/AIDs. We have a Human Rights assignment still pending.

"We are planning a push to southern Sudan if the situation is right. We are arranging to meet with the Sudanese community in Kitgum, Northern Uganda to see how it may be worked out."


New Horizon Academy

Tila Rupa Acharya

Tila Rupa Acharya, a Bhutanese refugee student at the New Horizon Academy in Eastern Nepal. You can read one of her letters and learn more about the New Horizon Academy on their website.

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