ISSN 1710-6931 June 25, 2004 Issue 24

Reconciliation and Peace For Refugees Worldwide

Some are homeless
Some have been raped
Some have been burnt down
Some have been amputated
Some heads were chopped off
Some were conscripted
All are displaced
All are affected
All must forgive
So all must have everlasting peace.

It is hard to forgive so they say
It is harder to forget so they agree
It is hardest to be at war so they cry
It is true to give peace a chance so they laugh.

Report From Sierra Leone

On the 20th May 2004 Mr Andrew Benson Greene and I had a short meeting with the teachers, parents, and students of the Children's Welfare Primary School which is one of our refugee schools in Freetown, Sierra Leone. There were nineteen students who received pen pal letters from partner schools in Canada and United States of America (USA).

Comments From Parents

The parents gave positive responses by thanking the iEARN RESPECT team and expressed the hope that this program will continue because it helps their children. The parents of some of the students were not there because they had been killed, had their houses burned, and their property distroyed during the ten years civil conflict. What will be these orphan students' fate? They are facing a lot of difficulties at this time. more>>



Posters at International Dinner

A couple of the displays from the international dinner held at Judy Huynh's school. The RESPECT poster (left) had copies of refugee letters for people to read as well as some photos.


Barcelona Hosts Universal Forum of the Cultures

Barcelona is hosting the Universal Forum of the Cultures from May till September, a new and creative space for reflection and experimentation in relation to the main cultural and social conflicts that humanity is faced with at the outset of the 21st century.

Refugees and Displaced Persons: Living on the Run is one of the permanent exhibits of the event, with currently 50 million refugees and displaced persons living in subhuman conditions the exposition aims to show the different emotions and feelings experienced by a refugee to help us to imagine how they feel. Through video-projections, pictures and sounds the visitor gets to know the problematic of the refugees all over the world.

The exhibit has been organised by Doctors Without Borders with the collaboration of the UN agencies working directly in this issue like UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, UN-Habitat and UNHCR-ACNUR.

Anatomy of a Refugee Camp

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website has a wonderful interactive page explaining the anatomy of a refugee camp. It is located in the CBC section of their website addressing the war in Iraq, but its explanations apply to other refugee and IDP (internally displaced person) situations.

Roots & Shoots Club Garage Sale

David Monahan and his Roots & Shoots club raised about $350 US with a garage sale to help with projects in Northern Uganda.

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