ISSN 1710-6931 May 28, 2004 Issue 22

Sponsor Schools to help
Purchase Solar Ovens

As part of an ongoing commitment to improving the lives of refugees across the globe, RESPECT is looking to implement a project allowing sponsor schools to support their partner refugee communities by raising funds to purchase a Sun Oven.

Sun Ovens are an environmentally-friendly device used to harness solar power to provide cooking facilities. They are manufactured by Sun Ovens International from Elburn, Illinois, USA. more>>

The Role of Youth
In Peace Building

Approximately 6.6 million young people worldwide are currently displaced by armed conflict. Many of them are exposed to violence, try to survive in acute poverty, and are separated from their families and communities.

These young people often face the additional barriers of a lack of sufficient education, health care, protection, livelihood opportunities, recreational activities, friendship, and family support. more>>

Youth Transforming
Conflict Training

April 18th to 29th 2004, thirty-eight participants took part in the second phase of the training course Youth Transforming Conflict. The participants represented eighteen countries, mostly from West Africa.

The event was organised by the United Network of Young Peacebuilders and Network University in Netherlands. The programme consists of training in conflict transformation, project management, and campaigning. more>>



Colombian IDPs
Source: 'Internally Displaced Persons Questions and Answers' UNHCR, February 2004, pg 1.

Displaced peasants eat lunch in northwestern Colombia after being forced to flee because of fighting between opposing paramilitary forces. Colombia has an estimated 2.9 million IDPs.


RESPECT Volunteer
Wins 2004 UN Award

The United Nations (UN) Volunteer programme recently announced their ten winners of the UN Online Volunteer of the Year Award for 2004. Among the recipients was RESPECT volunteer Will Wallace.

Marc Schaeffer, RESPECT's founder and International Coordinator nominated Will for his work with the RESPECT website and other information technology projects. more>>




The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was established shortly after World War II to focus on helping refugees, the victims of the war. According to the UNHCR website, as of January 1, 2003, there were an estimated 20.5 million refugees in more than 150 asylum countries.

The UNHCR also states on its website, "[it uses] the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention as its major tool, it ensures the basic human rights of vulnerable persons and that refugees will not be returned involuntarily to a country where they face persecution. Longer term, the organization helps civilians repatriate to their homeland, integrate in countries of asylum or resettle in third countries. Using a world wide field network, it also seeks to provide at least a minimum of shelter, food, water and medical care in the immediate aftermath of any refugee exodus."

Many of RESPECT's volunteers have volunteered through the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Online Volunteer program.


IDP or Refugee?

IDP - internally displaced person. IDPs "are individuals or groups of people who are forced to flee their homes to escape armed conflict, generalized violence, human rights abuses, or natural or man-made disasters."1 more>>

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1Internally Displaced Persons Questions and Answers, UNHCR, February 2004, pg 6.