April 30, 2004
Issue 20 

RESPECT Mano River
Union Committee

by Lakshmi Poorna

The Mano River Union has been formed to facilitate the friendly relationship existing between RESPECT Sierra Leone, RESPECT Liberia, and RESPECT Guinea. This union has come into being because of the common borders between their countries. Also, these three countries share a common ethnicity, culture, trade, and governmental structure. This committee will be called RESPECT Mano River Union Committee (RMRUC) with the motto "Togetherness and Common Understanding." Coordinators, teachers and facilitators, researchers and outreach officers of these organizations will play an active role in the committee. Refugee schools and students, who are members of RESPECT in one of the member countries, will be the ordinary members of the committee. more >>

Report from
Northern Uganda

by Tom Fred Obonyo
RESPECT Coordinator
Northern Uganda

I am very grateful for the work being done by the volunteers working on the RESPECT website. I can give them 100%, and it looks very nice and has a good design.

The Computer Center

We are working on continued development of the computer center and have only a few technical problems. Our biggest concern is finding funds to pay the rent.

I managed to get a LaserJet 1100, but we need color cartridges for it.

We have sent out letters to all seven schools asking for recommendations for the first students to start computer training. Primary school students will receive three weeks of training during the first term holiday. Secondary school students will receive their training during evening hours. more >>


Kawizi Students

School Director Makenda Mwenebatu and students pose outside the buildings housing the Kawizi Primary Refugee School in Uvira, South-Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Activities Automated

Will Wallace
Vice President, Information Technology

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RESPECT Democratic
Republic of the Congo

Several schools from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have recently joined RESPECT. Many of the schools in the DRC refugee camps are inadequate. Students must learn in an environment where there are few books or supplies. But, they are eager to become friends with a pen pal in a non-refugee school. The official language of the DRC is French . This provides an opportunity for French speaking students in non-refugee schools to participate in the Pen Pal Letter Exchange program with a French speaking pen pal.

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