April 2, 2004
Issue 18 

Computers for Refugees
program nears fulfillment

by Michael Logan

Work on establishing a computer resource centre for refugees in Agoro, Northern Uganda, nears completion as a shipment of 10 PCs arrives.

RESPECT has been working with the Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA) to provide a general resource centre where refugees can acquire valuable skills, and gain access to information technology. <<more>>

Interview With Winston Harmon

by Bérengère Cortade

RE-zine: Winston, you met Marc Schaeffer online while in Ghana Refugee Camp Buduburam. I understand you are a Liberian refugee yourself and the founder and president of Africation Youth for Actions there. Could you explain what your organisation does and what was your specific role there?

Winston: After many days of observation of the activities of youth in the camp and looking at the kind of leadership in the camp I saw that youth was being left behind. There had not been any good vocational school for youth. Youth was being used for all kinds of bad activities, and moreover, the Ghanaian government did not care about what was happening in the camp with the youth. And with high rate of poverty the youth was vulnerable and open to anything. And so I founded […]Africation Youth for Actions. It was [officially born] on June 7, 2000. <<more>>



RESPECT Sierra Leone Lunch

School children in one of their classrooms having lunch provided by RESPECT Sierra leone.


Service Learning Academy

by Bérengère Cortade

Judy Huynh, a teacher who has been greatly involved with RESPECT and its work, invited Marc Schaeffer, International Coordinator of RESPECT, to come and present the organisation at the Service Learning Academy (SLA) held in Ionia County, Michigan, on February 11th, 2004.

"The conference […] was to provide professional development for teachers in the use of service learning as a teaching methodology. Service learning is a teaching methodology that utilizes community service as a means of helping students gain a deeper understanding of curriculum objectives, acquire new knowledge, and engage in civic activities. This teaching methodology consists of these essential components.", explained Judy. <<more>>



by Will Wallace

RESPECT Liberia is the latest to join the RESPECT family. Sylvester Younge, National Coordinator for iEARN-Liberia, has agreed to serve as RESPECT Liberia's Country Coordinator. He is in the process of collecting letters from students to be sent to a non-refugee school to begin the process of establishing pen-pal relationships.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) estimates nearly one third of Liberia's population of 3.3 million is displaced. There is also the issue of refugees from the fighting in neighbouring countries Sierra Leone and Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

Sylvester can be reached by email at liberia@respectrefugees.org.

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