March 5, 2004
Issue 16 

Outgoing Nigerian RESPECT
Co-ordinator Bids Farewell

by Michael Logan

At the end of 2003, Olumuyiwa Oladunni Oke, or Oke as he is called by his friends, bowed out from his role as co-ordinator of RESPECT Nigeria. He is now set to continue his humanitarian work by founding his own organization.

"I pulled out of RESPECT to establish my own company known as the Wanilake International Company. I am currently in the process of establishing the Wanilake Foundation, which will offer grants to non-governmental organisations working in the area of children development," he says. <<more>>

Project Runaway:
Sierra Leone

by Catherine Harris

Refugee communities in Sierra Leone are faced with many challenges. These include acquiring basic needs, such as food, clothing, and transportation - refugee students often go to school on an empty stomach. They also lack quality information and communications technology (ICT) tools, and indoor and outdoor study equipment with which to empower student and adult outreach programs. <<more>>

<<Interview>> with Alimamy Sekou Bangura.



Students at the St. Edward's Secondary School, Freetown, Sierra Leone

RESPECT Benin logo


Bérengère Cortade

RESPECT Benin was founded in November 2002 following the meeting on the internet of Marc Schaeffer, International Coordinator for RESPECT and Laurent Houngnibo. Like all the other RESPECT affiliates, the mission of the Beninese office is to bring to the refugees living in the country support and assistance for their "cultural and educational development," explained Laurent Houngnibo, RESPECT Benin current Coordinator.

When we asked him what were his motivations for joining RESPECT, Laurent explained:

"My motivations are not only humanitarian but they are also linked to my convictions and ambitions. As an African I cannot stay indifferent to the precarious situation lived by young people like me because of their leaders and of nature. I was aware that what happened to them could also happen to me at anytime. No one deliberately chooses to be a refugee! I had to, as a currently free man, contribute to the development of my fellows." <<more>>

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