February 20, 2004
Issue 15 

The Launch of
"Project Runaway"

by Julie Ng

RESPECT E-zine is proud to introduce a new project, "Project Runaway". As the title points out, it will be about people who have "run away." People who have run away from their home countries, not by choice but to save their own and their family's lives.

Today, there are over twenty million people who share the same grounds we live and walk on. However, there is a difference. The freedom of living a life in their own country, building a life of their own has been violently taken away from them.

As outsiders, it is often difficult to imagine the circumstances and situations refugees are being faced with. Therefore, in order to gain a better understanding of the lives of a refugee and to become aware of the necessities, RESPECT E-zine will be posting biographies of refugees - each with their individual stories and experiences. In addition, the biographies will be accompanied with background information about the refugeeā€™s country of residence.

The very first article of Project Runaway will be an interview with Tom Fred Obonyo. Mr. Obonyo is the coordinator of the Agoro Community Development Association in Northern Uganda. Interview

ArtHum -
Artists for Humanity

by Bérengère Cortade

Artists for Humanity was created on December 19, 1999 in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the former Zaire. This registered non-profit association set itself the objective of contributing to the safeguard of humanity through the development of cultural and artistic potentials. This approach answered a pressing need of the population, mainly composed of Zairean, Rwandan and Burundian refugees; a population torn and devastated by the 'Liberation Wars' of the neighbouring countries and internal guerillas. <<more>>


Future Computer Center

RESPECT and ACDA working to build a Computer Center
The room and desks are ready for the arrival of computers. RESPECT and the Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA) are working to set up a computer center for the youth within the Agoro community in Kitgum District, Northern Uganda.


Simon Fraser University

by Melissa Chungfat
and Kamila Kolasa

When we were first introduced to our pen pals last year through RESPECT, we wanted to initiate the program at Simon Fraser University (SFU). We became eager to raise awareness and get as many people involved in the program as possible. It was a drive that had been in our blood the second our eyes glanced upon those introduction letters. By becoming affiliated with the appropriate committees and organizations, which are International solidarity and World University Service of Canada at SFU, we were able to gain access to the necessary supplies to promote RESPECT. We initially advertised around campus on bulletin boards, email lists, and word of mouth. However, the greatest number of people got involved when we set up tables in a high profile area on campus. <<more>>


RESPECT Board Meeting

The RESPECT Board of Directors will be meeting Sunday, 22 February 2004 at Noon central standard time (GMT-6). E-mail Marc Schaeffer with any concerns, questions, comments you would like presented to the board.


New Nigerian
Country Co-ordinator

by Michael Logan

2004 sees a new dawn for RESPECT Nigeria as Francis Abayomi takes over the reins and strives to take the organisation forward with a host of new projects.

Primarily, Francis will be looking to implement the Letter Exchange programme with local refugee communities, such as the IRU camp at Ijebu-Ode. This camp, built on the site of a former-school compound, houses thousands of refugees from all over Africa, including those fleeing the recent internal conflicts in Liberia. <<more>>

As in any newsletter or magazine, RESPECT e-zine is committed to striving for interesting articles and announcements concerning refugee issues all around the world.

If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute an article, contact the E-zine editor at respectezine@respectrefugees.org.

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