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December 15, 2003
Issue 12 

Feature Article

PPEN World Peace Day Celebration

Peace Pals Education Network Sierra Leone (P.P.E.N., Sierra Leone) celebrated World Peace Day on September 21st, 2003 at Moyamba District Headquarter town (Kaiyamba) Southern province of Sierra Leone and Grafton, Jui community in the western rural district.

The celebrations started on the September 20th, 2003 at 3:00pm with a volleyball competition held between the UNAMSIL contingent defeating 3-0. At 4:00pm Peace Pals Education Network/RESPECT male youth team played against the ex-combatant, Pals F.C. The match ended up with a 2-2 draw. Hundreds of people from the community were present to grace both matches. During the opening ceremonies of both matches, the Ministry of Youth and Sports representative, Mr. Daramy advised both teams to see the match as an opportunity to interact with one and another, since now there is peace in Sierra Leone.

On September 21st, 2003, which was the main day of the celebrations, a peace talk workshop was organized and various personalities were invited such as the UNAMSIL contingent NEPBATIV commander, Unamsil human right officer, Police, Law clerk, Doctors, Principals and the H.E.O. Moyamba district office. The topic for this workshop was "Reconciliation, the Key to Development" and it started at 8:00am.

Celebrations At Grafton, Jui

The organization conducted a one-day celebration at both communities. The previous peace pole planted by Peace Pals Education Network Sierra Leone (P.P.E.N., Sierra Leone) in the year 2001 was renovated to grace up the September 21st, 2003 (WORLD PEACE DAY) celebration.

The pole is situated at the entrance of the O.S.D. Police Barracks at Jui. A prayer was conducted around the pole at 12:00pm by the community elders, youths, UNAMSIL, Police, and other personalities.

The pole was availed for the second time with lettering, MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH and then translated into three other Sierra Leone's local languages (Mende, Krio, and Temne).

After the prayer the people moved to Grafton in a rally form singing peace songs.


ACDA, Northern Uganda Website Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce a new website is coming soon for the Agoro Community Development Association(ACDA) in Northern Uganda. The major objective of this new website is to publicize the Computers for Refugees project - a critical project intended to increase the educational level of the children in Northern Uganda. ACDA and RESPECT International have been working together, with the support of other organizations such as Computer Aid International, to establish the computer center. For more details, please visit the ACDA website.


Peace pole planted by Peace Pals Education Network Sierra Leone
The previous peace pole planted by Peace Pals Education Network Sierra Leone (P.P.E.N., Sierra Leone) in the year 2001 was renovated to grace up the 21st September, 2003 (World Peace Day) celebration.

Youth teams during Grafton Celebrations
P.P.E.N/RESPECT youth teams during Grafton Celebrations.

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