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September 7, 2003
Issue 9 

Feature Article

** POSTER CONTEST 2003-04 **
Crossing Borders - Stretching My World

By Michele Mohamed,
RESPECT USA Coordinator

What are borders? Boundaries? Limits? Put upon us, either by ourselves or by others. Setting something apart, dividing, changing parameters. Often we hear the words "Borders" "Boundaries" and we think of geographical limits. However, there are numerous ways to think about "Borders" such as: legal, psychological, sports, technological, ethical, mathematical,economic, physical, cultural,and imaginary.

Borders and boundaries are mostly human-made, relevant to the culture in which they reside, often with uniqueness. The same border may be very different depending on its cultural origin. Here are some further questions to ponder:

  • Why would someone choose to cross a border?
  • What are some benefits of borders?
  • What are some limitations of borders?
  • What are some positive uses of borders?
  • What are some negative uses of borders?
  • What are some borders that I live with?
  • Which are ones that I would choose to cross?
  • Which are ones that I would not choose to cross?
  • What are some ones that I would like to create?
  • Using art, how would I depict these thoughts about borders?

Think about all these aspects of borders as you create your poster for the RESPECT, USA 2003-04 Poster contest.

For more information see the REPECT website at or email Michele Mohamed


Giant Peace Dove
Dr. Goodall flew a Giant Peace Dove in San Francisco earlier this year. Photo: Gary McAvoy


Did you know?

The difference between a migrant and a refugee is a migrant normally leaves their country voluntarily to seek a better life, whereas for a refugee, the economic conditions of the country of asylum are less important than its safety. In short, a migrant enjoys the protection of their home government; a refugee does not.

All teachers interested in participating in the RESPECT Global Letter Exchange Program this year should contact Marc Schaeffer to request their letters early so that the packages can be prepared and sent out ASAP.

RESPECT International is working to develop an online e-store to put the power of e-commerce into the hands of refugee communities and other friends of RESPECT.

Amongst the products that will be sold are ethnic clothes produced by refugees in the Thailand - Burma border through Empowering Women Of Burma.

RESPECT Forum (E-store)
Empowering Women of Burma
WREN Gallery


RESPECT will be working with Roots & Shoots, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute that facilitates collaboration between schools in different countries in environmental based projects. This partnership will bring refugee issues to participating Roots & Shoots schools and environmental education projects to refugee schools. RESPECT is very excited about this new partnership with the Roots & Shoots program.