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August 15, 2003
Issue 8 

Feature Article

Social Psychology at RESPECT University

By Don Schaeffer, Ph.D.

It was very exciting to me to offer a course in Social Psychology to refugees as a founding program for RESPECT University. We were fortunate to find an excellent textbook available free on the internet.

The course has two parts. The students are reading the textbook two chapters at a time and responding to thought provoking questions related to the readings. At the same time, the students are responding to questions by applying social psychological concepts to their own lives. The biggest problem has been the time delay. Everything takes place by mail. Tom Fred Obonyo has been most helpful and supportive by being the contact and activist for the course. A few months ago, I received eight responses to an introductory assignment. Tom Fred is currently working to facilitate responses to this round of correspondence. My understanding is that the military situation in Uganda may have caused Tom Fred and the students some additional hardship.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this pioneering correspondence university program. If all goes well, RESPECT could establish a methodology and model for other refugee programs.

Africa-Canada Youth Symposium

By Andrew Benson Greene

My selection to the 1st African-Canadian Youth Symposium for Leadership and Development has been like facing history to me. I was there in Nova Scotia to share my inspirational story of working with the young victims of war in my country Sierra Leone and to raise global awareness of the role of diamonds in fanning the flames of Sierra Leone's largely brutal decade long civil war. I was asked to co-facilitate several conflict resolution and peace building workshops at the symposium in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where approximately 100 young activists and youth leaders gathered at this valuable symposium to share ideas with one another in true collaborative spirit. The verve that we possessed throughout the symposium was reflected in our shared commitment of finding effective youth-friendly strategies to tackle the issues youth are facing throughout the world - issues such as HIV/AIDS, the environment, peacebuilding and economic development. <<more>>


Andrew Benson Greene at the Africa-Canada Youth Symposium for Leadership and Development


Did you know?

Somalia is the African nation that enjoys the lengthiest coastal area on the continent. The country is located at the horn of Africa neighboring Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The country achieved its independence from Italy and Britain in the year 1960 and was on the path of development but collapsed due to the civil war that broke out in 1991. <<more>>

RESPECT International held its second interim board meeting on July 27th. The board reviewed numerous resolutions, suggestions, and comments. Highlights from the interim board meeting will be made public in the next ezine.

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By Cristiana Camcan
Uganda is only one of the countries in which RESPECT is making an impact. Indeed there is much more to be done and the efforts of the RESPECT International community in helping to provide opportunities for education is giving children dignity and a fighting chance to build better future. <<more>>

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