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April 15, 2003
Issue 2 

Feature Article

RESPECT Taiwan in Action!

RESPECT Taiwan has been especially active this past month as it has worked in conjunction with other affiliates and I*EARN to undertake the "Respect & Refugees Project". The long term web course named after the project was launched on March 3rd on the platform of AJET Digital School supported by National Sun-Yat Sen University, Taiwan.

As of April 1st there are 5 participating schools in Taiwan with more than 10 volunteer teachers and 284 students working on post mail letter exchanges with refugee students from Guinea, Somalia and Uganda. This coming April 26th RESPECT Taiwan will also be having its first fund raising event!

To learn more about the goals and objectives of this committed affiliate. <<more>>

Afghan Refugee Children In Pakistan

Pakistan has been a haven for refugees from ancient times and of the many peoples that have passed through this land, Afghans have been the single largest majority. Pakistan is now emerging as a new partnership with efforts underway to involve international and local organizations in bringing RESPECT to more Afghan refugee children. <<more>>.

Teachers Without Borders in Nigeria

Teachers without Borders (TWB) - Nigeria was established in 2001. At present, this committed organization is officially certified to work throughout Nigeria with the full support of government agencies and academia delivering educational programs for about 3,700 Nigerians displaced by ethnic conflict.

The TWB - Nigeria Country coordinator, Raphael Oko, writes that "In Nigeria, TWB has created strong public awareness among teachers, government officials, community leaders, and parents on the crucial role of teachers in re-shaping this multi-bordered world that has prevented us from seeing others as we see ourselves. We have facilitated a movement toward the realization of the re-birth of our Nation."

Recently, the president of TWB, Dr. Fred Mednick, contacted RESPECT to partner up in establishing a school in a displaced persons' camp. RESPECT Nigeria is very eager to begin working with TWB and is setting up a steering committee that will assess the best way to coordinate their efforts.

To learn more about Teachers Without Borders - Nigeria, please visit their website. <<here>>.

RESPECT University Kicks Off

RESPECT University has opened its doors to its first students! Sule Gideon of RESPECT Uganda has connected with Dr. Don Schaeffer in enrolling eight enthusiastic students in a Social Psychology course. An ebook will be used along with supplementary materials that will challenge the students with assignments and self-exploration seminars that will investigate social psychological issues in their own lives.

The course is expected to stretch over many months as the mechanics of the program are improved upon, however we all expect this course to provide interesting insights. It could also lead to some important social engineering solutions so if anyone has ideas about the mechanics of running an international correspondence course, please contact Dr. Don Schaeffer at or share them at the forum!


The RESPECT online store has progressed significantly and a prototype is being developed that will provide suppliers with store accounts capable of adding products, viewing orders, and managing their accounts. Your comments and suggestions are still very much needed though for this project to succeed, so visit the forum and let us know what you think!

RESPECT University has recently proposed an English for academic purposes course for refugee students. Due to the limitations of distance education, the main focus will be on reading and writing skills. If you are a teacher willing to invest some time in the future of refugee youth, please don't hesitate to volunteer or email <<more>>.

RESPECT Azerbaijan would like to thank their partner Canadian school, Stevenson-Britannia Adult Literacy Program, for the gifts and presents that were joyfully received by the children!

Dear Refugee Youth,
Are you looking for advice? Do you have a question and need a help-line? Or just want someone to discuss things with you? Amera and her panel of volunteers are willing to help! Post your questions anonymously and they will be answered in a timely manner.

RESPECT International has recently been incorporated in Manitoba, Canada under the legal identity of "RESPECT Inc". This is certainly a progressive step to achieving the goals we set out for ourselves.


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iEARN is a non-profit global network that enables young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world.

RESPECT International. is currently working with iEARN Canada, iEARN Japan, iEARN Taiwan, iEARN Uganda and iEARN Sierra Leone.