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March 27, 2003
Issue 1 

Feature Article

Message from the International Coordinator

RESPECT has been incrementally successful in meeting its mandate and mission month by month since its inception just over one year ago. This has been made possible thanks to the incredible commitment of our volunteer country coordinators, country liaisons, webmasters, researchers, and of course, all of the teachers who have brought RESPECT into their classroom and into their lives! RESPECT is very proud to announce that we have introduced 1200 refugee and non-refugee students together from ten countries to date! More and more countries are sending in letters and more and more schools are applying to be part of RESPECT. Please check out RESPECT Ezine on the web for more details!



Despite displacement and ongoing hardship, our RESPECT refugee communities are cultures filled with young and expressive minds with generations in the making of traditional crafts. In an effort to promote self-reliance, RESPECT is developing an online store that will help communities help themselves through the worldwide sale of their specialized crafts.

As this online store is still in the initial stages of development we need your help for this push this project to fruition. Please visit the RESPECT online store forum to help turn this idea into working reality. <<more>>

RESPECT the Power of Knowledge

The RESPECT University is recruiting volunteers to give the gift of knowledge to empower the refugee communities of the world. Already a group of six initial students in Uganda are waiting to take advantage of RESPECT U. Qualified volunteer instructors will provide instruction through reading and writing assignments to students with a great thirst for knowledge. Other volunteers are needed to distribute material and provide marketing material for wider recruitment. This is perfect experience for graduate students.

All educational subjects are welcome and will be appreciated by our international RESPECT partners and their students. Join this rapidly-progressing project discussion and make your mark in these students' lives.

Thoughts and Prayers

In Uganda, news of an attack by rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) came to us from the Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA). Regrettably, this ambush left two students deceased.

The first victim, Kilama Charles, was a second year student in the RESPECT program. The second loss of life was a fourth year student by the name of Gulu whole life was taken on his way home from school. They were both killed on February 16, 2003, after Uganda's Holy Day. Both of these students were from Agoro, in the northern Kitgum district.

The RESPECT program is still waiting further details on the attack. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims and their families.


Marc Schaeffer Kae Sasaki
Marc Schaeffer and Kae Sasaki
RESPECT International Coordinator and RESPECT Artistic Director


Packages sent by students at Stevenson-Brittania Adult Literacy Centre to IDP camps in Azerbaijan have arrived! They contained varieties of erasers, pencils, photos, and other supplies. The community organizers will distribute the supplies to refugee students. Look for photographs of these packages arriving at Azerbaijan in the next issue of Ezine.

IDP children near Baku, Azerbaijan will-for the first time-be going to computer classes in April. The classes will be offered at two different times to fulfill the substantial demand. This effort was made possible by a meeting between IREX and HAYAT negotiated by RESPECT.

The Forced Migration Review published by Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford is available free of charge to people in developing nations. Full text articles are available to all.

The RESPECT website is becoming more and more accessible to people all around the globe every day. Presently, the website is in English, French, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Bengali, Hindi, Azeri, Shona, and Ndebele. Additional translation projects are ongoing! Don't forget to visit the website at:

'Connections: From Us to You' was the theme for the 2002-03 RESPECT USA Poster Contest. RESPECT students worldwide brainstormed on this theme and documented their responses in art form. The winning and notable entries have been converted to postcards and e-cards for you to send to your friends and associates. <<more>>.


Our newest Affilliate -- RESPECT Taiwan, has involved no less than four classes of students in RESPECT in as many weeks! Students were excited to receive their first package of letters! <<more>>.