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RESPECT Proudly Presents
the 2010-11 Poster Contest Winners


  • Winner 10-11 years old:

  • Non-refugee Winner 10-11
    • Grace Poillucci
    • Sacred Heart Elementary School
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (age 11)
  • Winner 14-18 years old:

  • Non-refugee Winner 14-18
  • Honorable Mention 10-11 years old:

  • Non-refugee Honorable Mention 10-11
    • Olivia LeBlanc
    • Sacred Heart Elementary School
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (age 11)
  • Honorable Mention 14-18 years old:

  • Non-refugee Honorable Mention 14-18

Postcards with each of the winning entries on them can be printed from each student's page. Just click on the student's name or the image of the student's entry.

Contest Description

A World Without War was the theme for the 2010-11 RESPECT Poster Contest. The purpose of the contest is to promote refugee awareness education. Following the three-step program of involvement with refugee education, RESPECT students worldwide brainstormed this theme, then documented it with their art. Representations of their thoughts and feelings took shape in their colorful and creative posters.

This year's contest had more than 150 entries. We selected a winner and honorable mention from the following categories.

  • Non-refugee 6-9 years old
  • Non-refugee 10-11 years old
  • Non-refugee 12-13 years old
  • Non-refugee 14-18 years old

The winning postcards have been made into postcards for use with initial correspondence between refugee and non-refugee student partners. Participants were from China, Philippines, Thailand, and USA.

Three-Step Program

RESPECT International promotes refugee education and sponsorship in a three-step program:

  1. Raise awareness on refugee issues among youth by providing educational communities worldwide with information, training and resources.
  2. Build bridges between youth from refugee schools and non-refugee schools through letter exchanges and beyond.
  3. Take actions in helping refugees by organizing awareness-raising events to educate others on refugee issues and to raise funds for partner refugee schools.

For more information, please check out our About page.

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