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RESPECT Proudly Presents
the 2003-4 Poster Contest Winners


11-12 years old

Mark Szücs Thumbnail
Mark Szücs
North Arlington Middle School
New Jersey, USA

13-15 years old

IP Man Lung Jackey Thumbnail
IP Man Lung Jackey
Simply Art
Hong Kong, China

16-18 years old

Tang Nga Yeung Thumbnail
Tang Nga Yeung
Simply Art
Hong Kong, China

Honorable Mention

11-12 years old

Olivia W. Thumbnail
Olivia W.
University Prep Academy
Washington, USA

13-15 years old

Kan Yuet Ting Thumbnail
Kan Yuet Ting
Simply Art
Hong Kong, China

16-18 years old

Angelica Pantaleon Thumbnail
Angelica Pantaleon
Tucson Highschool
Arizona, USA

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'Crossing Borders: Stretching My World' was the theme for the 2003-04 RESPECT Poster Contest. RESPECT USA, an affiliate of RESPECT International, facilitated the contest to promote refugee awareness education. Following the three-step program of involvement with refugee education, RESPECT students worldwide brainstormed this theme and documented their responses in art form. Representations of their thoughts and feelings took shape in 8.5" x 11" posters.

Due to the multitude of entries to this year’s poster contest, RESPECT, USA was able to choose multiple winners. All entries were from non-refugee students. There are two winning entries in each of three age categories. Winning entries are made into postcards RESPECT International will use with initial correspondence between refugee and non-refugee student partners. Participants were from North American and Asian countries.

RESPECT International promotes refugee education and sponsorship in a three-step program:

  1. Raise awareness on refugee issues among youth by providing educational communities worldwide with information, training and resources.
  2. Build bridges between youth from refugee schools and non-refugee schools through letter exchanges and beyond.
  3. Take actions in helping refugees by organizing awareness-raising events to educate others on refugee issues and to raise funds for partner refugee schools.

For more information, please check out the About page.

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