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RESPECT Proudly Presents
the 2005-6 Poster Contest Winners

Non-Refugee - 2nd Place Winner

  • Liu's Poster
    • Liu Cho Ying
    • Lydia, Simply Art
    • Hong Kong (age 11)
    • This picture is about a dove leading people out of the maze. The circular maze represents the earth. The people trapped in the maze become happy after the dove has helped them. The road to peace which the dove is leading has been coloured brighter because the world will be brighter with peace. Different country flags shown on the dove refers to different countries on Earth. People are frustrated if there isn't peace in the world. Their life is lack of happiness and they seem to live in a maze, without a bright future. If everyone in the world can help to maintain peace, joy will prevail in the world and there will be a bright future for the next generations.

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