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RESPECT Proudly Presents
the 2003-4 Poster Contest Winners

13-15 years old


IP Man Lung Jackey,
Simply Art, Hong Kong, China

IP Man Lung Jackey Poster

From my drawing, an obvious human eye is placed in the centre with a cornea. The cornea consists of a few human figures in different colours. Moreover, these figures are stretching their arms, pushing out in the darkness for more space. This indicates that we, human beings are classified as a kind and we should be united, although we vary from our nationalities and struggle for hope. As for the pupil, it is the earth, our only habitat of ours, meaning that we, as the inhabitants of the earth should protect it out from darkness, when the darkness represents misery and hopelessness in the world. Last but not least, the human eye is tied close with a piece of string. However, it is detatched under the struggle. With the aid of the doves to pull away the string, meaning the peace we can create, we can live in harmony and warmth.

Honorable Mention

Kan Yuet Ting,
Simply Art, Hong Kong, China

Kan Yuet Ting Poster

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