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RESPECT Proudly Presents
the 2003-4 Poster Contest Winners

11-12 years old


Mark Szücs, Grade 6; Age 12,
North Arlington Middle School, New Jersey, USA

Mark Szücs Poster

This picture is about a father who is a refugee trying to escape his country because they do not have a lot of rights there. He is running to cross the border so he can live freely a new home or country. There are also arrows shooting at him. Each of them stands for freedoms that are denied him in his country.

Honorable Mention

Olivia W.,
University Prep Academy, Washington, USA

Olivia W. Poster

I think that when a refugee crosses the border to a safe place, he/she probably wishes his/her family was there, too. He/she might also feel shy or timid, because of being in a foreign country. I think that a refugee is scared, because he/she wouldn't be sure of what would happen in the new country. A refugee would be relieved to be out of the terror of being in their home country, and being in a new safe country!

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