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RESPECT International Says Thanks

RESPECT International has a great deal to be thankful for in 2009.

Ashok Pillai and Summer Johansson have grown RESPECT University, making post secondary school correspondence courses available to more war-affected adults around the world than ever before.

Will Wallace and his translation team continue to make RESPECT accessible to more and more people around the world. The editorial efforts of Angela Carter and the volunteer coordination of Mohammed Riazuddin has kept RESPECT e-Zine producing after a brief hiatus. Thanks again to Will Wallace for the formatting and distribution of the e-Zine.

Sandrine Cortet continued to coordinate French RESPECT and Virginia Hernandez coordinated another successful poster contest this year. A special thanks goes out to Shetha for coordinating the collection of hundreds of letters from war-affected youth in Liberia.

Aruna Gupta, Sandrine Cortet and Jenkins Macedo have established a new project called RESPECT Amazon Bookstore which sells books to raise money for projects in war-affected communities.

Dave LaMattina and his company have successfully launched a gorgeous feature movie Brownstones to Red Dirt that documents two communities in New York City and Sierra Leone, partnered by RESPECT Global Letter Exchange.

As for me, Marc Schaeffer, international coordinator and founder of RESPECT International, I am pleased to announce that while my RESPECT activity has declined of late, it was for a very good reason. Hannah Zoe (2 years old) has a new sister, Alexandra Maja, born November 17, 2009.

The year 2010 holds many great promises. Kirsty Semple and Laura Premoli have been busy setting up and maintaining a blog for RESPECT that will give us an interactive web presence.

Max Ramos, a dynamic new RESPECT volunteer, is working hard to establish a RESPECT Affiliate in Argentina.

Thanks to all the teachers, students and volunteers who have participated in our projects to date and have helped to create and maintain RESPECT's pioneering work connecting war-affected youth to international youth and, in so doing, building awareness of the challenges faced by children in conflict and post-conflict conditions.

Please always feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns, at anytime.

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