RESPECT is growing everyday, everywhere!

Thank you to all of our volunteers

by Marc Schaeffer
International Coordinator
RESPECT International

RESPECT International has had another banner year thanks to the effort and participation of our volunteers, teachers, students and other stakeholders. RESPECT International has continued to introduce refugee students to non-refugee students at the steady pace of around one hundred a month. This represents around 60 groups of non-refugee students paired with groups of refugee students in Northern Uganda, Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). RESPECT is also excited to welcome Nigeria and Tanzania to RESPECT International's Affiliate family.

RESPECT is thankful Sandrine Cortet has taken on the responsibility of coordinating French RESPECT Global Letter Exchange Program. In a few short months French RESPECT has already introduced over 600 refugee students in the DRC to non-refugee students in France, Canada, and others. RESPECT continues to thank Will Wallace for his never-ending work on our website and ezine.

Anne Sadashiva and her team (particularly Sergio Hernández) worked to put together an online course called "Refugees 101." I am also very thankful to the volunteers who act on our board of directors to advise and shape RESPECT and all of the other wonderful volunteers past and present too numerous to name here.

RESPECT is happy to be working with Unite for Sight to get eye-care to refugee communities around the world that we have been working with and World Computer Exchange to establish a computer resource centre in Mohomou Refugee School and Laine Refugee School in N'Zerekore Guinea.

2005 is another exciting year for RESPECT International. RESPECT USA is working towards independent incorporation in the USA, we are planning to produce a promotional video and we are launching a number of RESPECT University courses for refugee students who have finished high school including English for Academic Purposes. We are continuing to work to make RESPECT e-Store functional and productive.

One thing certain is RESPECT cannot grow without the participation of refugee and non-refugee schools. Please continue to participate in this important bridge-building program between refugee and non-refugee students and to spread the word about this program to colleagues and friends. Always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Happy Holidays to one and all!

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