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RESPECT United States of America (USA)

Outline map of USA

RESPECT USA aims to enable schools in the USA to support refugee education by:

  1. Increasing awareness of refugee issues in North American schools. This is done by distributing information packages to interested teachers including a full directory of refugee related teaching materials for all ages that can be ordered from various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for FREE.
  2. Increasing communication between refugee youth and North American youth. We introduce a class or a school to a refugee schools in countries such as Azerbaijan, Guinea, and Kenya. Upon making the first exchange of letters, we consider that refugee school sponsored.
  3. Encouraging activism amongst youth by encouraging North American schools to fund-raise and send material aid to their sponsored schools. After a couple of exchanges of letters and pictures we encourage the sponsoring bodies to try a fund-raiser to send material goods (from used microscopes to solar-powered calculators to pencils) to refugee schools in various countries.

Schools in Washington, Kentucky, and Connecticut are currently involved in RESPECT USA. Future goals include RESPECT to be implemented by high schools, adult literacy groups, and youth groups throughout all states, and to raise the level of refugee education and awareness.

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