RESPECT is growing everyday, everywhere!


Outline map of Uganda

RESPECT Uganda is working towards the achievement of the objectives of RESPECT through following ways:

  1. Identifying the various refugee communities existing in Uganda.
  2. Making sure people in Uganda understand RESPECT.
  3. Widen membership of the RESPECT community in Uganda.
  4. Encourage the spirit of teamwork and hard work among RESPECT members.
  5. Ensure RESPECT benefits are realized to develop refugee communities.
  6. Encourage refugees to express their views so they can be channeled through RESPECT.
  7. Encourage the spirit of volunteerism among members to help refugees.
  8. To create links with RESPECT branches worldwide.

In order to achieve these goals, RESPECT Uganda is open to the world community for new people with new ideas that will help RESPECT move forward.

(Agoro Community Development Association, Kitgum, Uganda)

Uganda Refugee Schools

If you are interested in working with RESPECT Uganda in any way, contact the country coordinator:

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