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RESPECT Tanzania

Outline map of Tanzania

In Tanzania, there are total of 1,020,000 fefugees. 520,000 refugees stay in the camps, 200,000 refugees in settlements and 300,000 are aliens.

There are 12 camps: Lugufu in Kigoma Rural, Mrabila, Muyovosi, and Nyangusu in Kasulu District all in Kigoma Region; Mkungwa, Nduta, Kanebwa, Mtendeli and Karago in Kibondo Distrist also in Kigoma region; Kukole in Ngara, and Mwisa in Karagwe both in Kagera Region; and final Chogo in Handeni Tanga Region.

Please feel free to contact country coordinator for volunteer opportunities or school registration. We welcome your ideas, thoughts and suggestions!

RESPECT Tanzania Articles

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