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Outline map of Somalia

Introduction to Somalia and RESPECT

by Country Coordinator, Kamal Nidam

"Somalia, the only country that doesn't have a Central Government. Before the year 1991 we had a better economy and the country was considered as a developing nation. The growth was at an increasing pace but the civil war and after war consequences made the country and its people strive hard for their existence. We are expecting to have a sound and well managed Central Government in the near future. In the darkness we, the people of Somalia, struggled hard for security, food and shelter. Most Somalis flew away from the motherland to take refuge in countries like the United States, Canada, European countries and many others. Even the education system in Somalia is ruined due to the war and it needs special concentration. RESPECT Somalia works to introduce internally displaced students in Somalia to students around the world. By initiating these partnerships, we hope to boost the individual development of the students. We expect the cooperation and collaboration of broad minded people. The suggestions and ideas that you provide encourage us to lead the society."

Brief History:

Somalia is an African nation enjoying one of the longest coastal areas in the continent. The country is located on the horn of Africa with the neighbouring countries Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. The country achieved its independence from Italy and Britain in the 1960. Somalia was on the path of development but collapsed due to the civil war that broke out in the 1991. For further information please click on the map.

Somali Facts and Figures:

  • Population:7 million
  • Capital: Mogadishu
  • Major languages: Somali, Arabic, Italian and English
  • Major religion: Islam
  • Life expectancy: 45 years (men), 48 years (women)
  • Monetary unit: 1 US Dollar = 18000 Somali Shillings
  • Main exports: Livestock, bananas, hides, fish
  • Internet domain: .so
  • International dialing code: +252

Testimonials from RESPECT Somalia members...

  • "I thank RESPECT International for arranging such a facility for its affiliates to have this privilege to share and express their ideas to the world. I am a Business Management student in East Africa University, Bosaso - Somalia. I do enjoy helping people and traveling through out Somalia. I am also one of the founders and present chairman of PuntLand Students Association - PSA. I invite all the aspirants to contact me at I appreciate your ideas and advice." - Kamal Nidam, Country Coordinator
  • "I, Hodan, am very happy to be one of the members of RESPECT Somalia. I am working as Credit Officer with K-REP (an international NGO). I also volunteer Dulmidiid - Center of Human Rights and RMSN - Resource Management Somali Network. I do enjoy serving my society and working for the refugees. I am happy to listen from all of you at"
    - Hodan Abdulkadir, Assistant Coordinator
  • "Somalia is great! It is not from a Somali... I am an Indian working in East Africa University as Lecturer. I like Somalia as a country with plenty of resources but I must express my sadness that these resources are still unexplored. Anyhow I appreciate Mr. Kamal and other members of RESPECT Somalia for their efforts to bring the country back to its track. I am very glad to help my friends in this regard. Mail me at"
    - Ebbin Jose
  • "I respect RESPECT for its efforts to make a real support for war sufferers of Somalia. I came to Somalia along my Husband Mr.Ebbin Jose by late 2002. I too work in East Africa University as lecture. I love Somalia and he people. During this short span I came to know the trouble and struggle of my friend in Somalia. I really enjoy my work with them. Words of RESPECT Somalia members are always encourage me. I welcome you my friend to be with us in RESPECT. Keep in touch..."
    - Kalpita Chakrabortty

Somalia Refugee Schools

Please feel free to contact the RESPECT Somalia Country Coordinator for volunteer opportunities or school registration. We welcome your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions!

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