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RESPECT Sierra Leone

Outline map of Sierra Leone

RESPECT would like to thank Peace Pals Education Network (PPEN-SL) for volunteering to coordinate RESPECT in Sierra Leone. Please find some statements by Peace Pals Education Network Sierra Leone below.

All of the IDP and refugee schools in Sierra Leone are interested in these programs. They are interested in introducing them to North American Youth. Presently there are twelve refugee/IDP schools. Most of those schools are in the remote part of Sierra Leone, so they don't have postal addresses -- no postal service available.

Most of the schools are hundred miles off from where we are, but we have coordinators in those areas so they can coordinate the program and send reports to us then we can send it to you.

For more information regarding RESPECT Sierra Leone, please contact:

  • Alex P. Columbus
  • Peace Pals Education Network
  • 30 Pike Street
  • Brookfields Freetown
  • Sierra Leone
  • West Africa
  • Phone: 23276-624067
  • E-mail:
  • Children in Class
  • Children participate in the community education programme during the African Child Day Commemoration.
  • African Child Day participants
  • Children who participated in the African Child Day Commemoration.

Sierra Leone Refugee Schools

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