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Outline map of Nigeria

Teachers Without Borders (TWB) established a school in a displaced persons' camp in Calabar, Nigeria. Please visit their Nigeria page.

  • Oru Refugee primary school pupils outside school
  • Group of camp children of Oru Refugee primary school pupils.

The Refugee Education Sponsorship Program is the first of its kind in Nigeria. The project is jointly organized by RESPECT International and volunteers within Nigeria. The purpose of the project is to increase awareness of refugee issues by building bridges between North American students and refugee students living in Nigeria via the exchange of letters and other projects.

RESPECT Nigeria, a Non-Governmental Organization, is committed to exposing refugee students living in Nigeria to the outside world. We see the world as a global village of empowered refugee and North American students without social and technological divides. We work to instill the values of respect, integrity, compassion, accountability, commitment, innovation, diversity, creativity, and honesty in our students. We emphasize the importance of people connecting, sharing ideas, having fun, working together - to learn self-expression, diverse perspectives, and cross-cultural understanding.

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