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Who is RESPECT Liberia?

RESPECT Liberia is an affiliate of RESPECT International. In line with the stated goals of RESPECT International, RESPECT Liberia is also poised to fully serve as the link between the international community, refugee community and war affected children in Liberia.

Outline map of Liberia

RESPECT Liberia has a team of volunteers currently running the affairs of the organization. Their unlimited support and devotion is pushing the organization so high that in few years, RESPECT Liberia would be a major force to reckon with when it comes to raising awareness on issues of refugee and war affected in Liberia. These groups of volunteers have contributed in several diverse ways to ensuring that all the stated goals and aims are worked at with much precision.

RESPECT Liberia also has some volunteer experts who are contributing their ideas as to how programs and activities could be initiated to raise general awareness about issues that affect the country and the world, to bridge the gap between students in developed worlds and less privileged students as well as liaise with international affiliates to see how best students could be assisted. RESPECT Liberia has also outlined a number of future programs and plans as well as its readiness to offer its rich human resource to work in partnership with any organization that seeks to be interested in issues of refugees and war affected children and matters relating to human rights, health, education and global peace.

Mission Statement

Building a better foundation for today's youths as they are tomorrow's leaders. Creating avenue for the youth to use their local resources available to yield tangible results and long lasting impact on their lives as well as providing capacity building program (computer, sewing etc). This will help create awareness in the minds of the Refugees/war affected children in gaining their self belongings and fully participate in any given community service projects through the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs).

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