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Refugee Education Resources

You can query our database containing a list of resources from various international agencies. The listing for each resource includes information on age-level suitability, langauges the resource is published in, and the contact information for an agency that distributes the resource. RESPECT Refugee Education Resources database

There are a few choice items we highly recommend you order. The first item is a copy of the catalogue, if available, from each of the organizations below. Then you will be able to sit down and order just what you would like.

International Committee of the Red Cross

  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Distribution Sector
  • 19, avenue de la Paix
  • CH 1202 Geneva
  • Switzerland
  • Fax: 41-22-730-27-68
  • E-mail:

You can download a PDF version of their product catalogue on their website or order a printed copy. There are also instructions for ordering materials by mail, or by fax.

United Nations Association in Canada

UNHCR materials can be ordered through United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada)

A list of categories of material available from UNA-Canada can be found at Most of these resources can be ordered in English or French.

Instructions for ordering material from UNA-Canada are available at When making your first request of them include the following titles:

  1. Refugees: A Canadian Perspective - A Catalogue of Resources For Teachers
  2. Human Rights, Refugees & UNHCR: Includes an 8 minute video, background info & unit plans containing a number of lesson plans aimed at introducing refugee issues & how they are linked to human rights. Grades 4-12
  3. Journey of Hope: Video (26 mins) Grades 9-12
  4. Carly: Video (7 min), teachers notes and an activity book, Grades 1-4.
  5. To Be a Refugee: Video (15 mins), includes teacher's guide, photocopiable worksheets, Grades 4-8 (Also useful as introduction to refugee life for older grades)
  6. UNHCR Posters for the Classroom: - Refugee women series - Lego Series (set of 5) - Einstein poster - Refugee Children Series

Starting with a few of the publications above (depending on grade level) will give you a good initial step. We believe you'll find these videos excellent, and the activities recommended will give you plenty of ideas for how to follow up the videos.

After receiving the catalogues you can tailor order resources to fit your specific desires. Please check out the following websites for refugee resource information:



Canadian Council for Refugees:

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