RESPECT is growing everyday, everywhere!

Recycle! Recycle!

RESPECT International is a nonprofit, non-governmental human rights organization, committed to raising awareness and educating the public and ourselves on refugee issues. As we are not funded by the government, we fund-raise regularly (from garage sale to concerts to fashion shows!) to cover the financial needs of our actions and activities.

RESPECT is blessed with dedicated individuals and groups nationwide as well as worldwide, working toward our mutual goals. We have coordinators, facilitators, and numerous volunteers all over the world and the network of this great human resources is still growing fast as we speak!

In order to further expand as an international organization and help more refugee schools worldwide, we appreciate any means of support you can provide us with.

Here are some examples of how you can help raise funds for RESPECT program:

  • Cell-phone recycling. Do you have a cell-phone on the shelf gathering dust? Just got a new one and don't know what to do with the old? We can turn those cell-phones into funds to help us help refugee children to help themselves.

    Procedure: Collect working cell phones with their batteries and chargers from friends and family, from work and school. Cell phones can then be mailed to a reputable company "Collective Good" in the US that will refurbish those phones for use in Central and South America.

    Collective Good itemizes all donations. Access and print out this form (PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat) and mail it in with you phones to be sure RESPECT is credited for your contribution!

  • Printer cartridge recycling. (Recommended especially for US residents) We are in contact with several ink-cartridge recycling companies in the United States offering to cover the shipping fee upon sending recyclable cartridges. If you have access to a large number of ink cartridges or have a regular access to used cartridges, please contact us so we can send you the free shipping kit.
    (You put together a package of seven or more eligible ink-cartridges, put a shipping sticker on the box, and the UPS will pick it up for free! -as long as you live in the US.)

    Procedure: Nearly all previously un-recycled ink-cartridges are eligible for this program; ink-cartridges from home computers, industrial business printers and laser printers. You can collect ink-cartridges from friends, family and school, or have a team of students go out to the local businesses to collect their used toners in bulk! (Be creative and you'll be surprised how many you can collect just by asking the right people!)

  • Hook up with local recycling companies in your area! There may be many other ways of collecting recyclable items and turning into funds to support RESPECT International. Ask around, do some research and you might find a pop can recycling company, secondhand furniture/clothes store or cell-phone recycling place in your area. We'd really appreciate if you could donate the proceed to RESPECT International. Please contact us upon donation.

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