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Refugee Student Letter

Refugee Student Dtema Simon Peter
  • Full name: Dtema Simon Peter
  • Age: 5 Years old
  • Gender: Male
  • School: Horison
  • Date: 26/1/2004

Dear Pen pal

How are you? I am sorry to tell you sad new in our locality. I am a Ugandan who lives in northern part of the country, Kitgum district. I am a orphan who lost both parents due to rebels activities led by Joseph Kong. We are still suffering from more abductions, killing, people raping of young girls, robbery etc. As results many people are living in camps suffering from famine, sickness and lack of education.

Please, please pray to God to help us to come out of these problems. Please I want to make friendship with you.

Write back God bless you.

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